Repair/Refurbishment of Bearings and Expansion Joints


We undertake a wide variety of bearing and expansion joint repair work and projects

  • Refurbishment of bearings
  • Replacement of accessorries in bearings
  • Modification of kerb units of any size according to the site requirement of any brand products
  • Shear key
  • PTFE replacement
  • Fixing accessories replacement

Testing Facility


M/s.ORF Laboratory is approved by M/s.RTA and all other leading consultants.

We also undertake testing of bearings and expansion joints.
  • Short Duration Compression Test
  • Long Duration Compression Test
  • Shear Test on Bearings
  • Prototype Test (Full Test)
  • Physical Property Testing on the Bearing and Expansion Joints
  • Hardness
  • Tensile Strength and Elongation
  • Bonding Strength
  • Chemical Test for Metal
  • Polymer Identification Test
  • Protective Coating Test
  • Expansion and Contraction Test on Expansion Joints

Quality Control



The rubber quality control department at ORF has highly qualified personnel equipped with the most modern testing equipment to ensure quality ot every stage of production. The function of the quality control starts from the inspection of incoming raw material and continues through the various stages of production, until the final finished product moves out of the company. The department is highly dedicated to ensuring the product quality satisfies customer requirements.

Rubber is compounded in internal mixers; quality is monitored round the clock by continuously testing samples for their physical properties and chemical characteristics. Every ingredient is checked and monitored regularly; in-process inspection is also conducted at various stages of production, during performance testing and while the final inspection is carried out. ORF’s products are certified to meet the most demanding requirements of civil construction, oil and gas, infrastructure, marine and military applications.

Laboratory Testing

The exclusive in-house laboratory is equipped with computerized facilities to test the properties of rubber according to ASTM, BS and other international standards. The laboratory plays a crucial role in implementing quality as well as developing new products. Test certificates are issued on request.



Bearing Testing

ORF Pot Bearings are randomly load-tested to the required vertical and horizontal combined design loads at serviceability load state (SLS) on each batch of bearing production, for conformance to the requested specification as an added check measure. In addition, all material components are checked against the final test certification reports submitted by the suppliers for compliance with their performance properties. Please note that all final manufacturer’s certificates can be made available upon request from the client.

Our test press capacity is 2000 TON vertical load and 800 TON horizontal load respectively. On request we may increase the press capacity by adding extra jacks.




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