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Bridge decks supported by piers are susceptible to damage due to vehicle movement and expansion due to heat. The primary function of Elastomeric Bearing Pads is to provide a connection to control the interactions of loading and movements between parts of a structure, usually between superstructure & substructure. Bearing pads provide a uniform transfer of load from beam to sub-structure.

Bearing pads are used extensi vel y in bridge structure; Pre-stressed & Pre-cast concrete buildings. Ocean Bearing are manufactured from premium quality Neoprene/Natural Rubber. A ll the bearing pads are manufactured in compliance to standards like AASHTO, B S 5400, EN-1337, DIN 4141 etc hardness ranging from 50 Shore ‘A’ to 70 Shore ‘A’ . Specially designed bearing pads for non-standard application can also be provided including testing and certification up on request.


Bearing Function

  • Support vertical loads.
  • Permit lateral movements due to temperature change, traffic movements, wind, shrinkage & creep, foundation movement, seismic actions, dynamic forces & resulting vibrations.
  • Accommodate girder rotation.
  • Transmitting load to substructure foundations.